Who is nikki alexander dating

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Who is nikki alexander dating

She's not even first on the call list." assistants hanging around just to fan her and keep her cool.The staffers also toted some scented spray, because plain old water just wouldn't do."[Alexander has] become convinced the ink is toxic and making her sick," an insider said.The source said that Alexander, suffering from a pulmonary infection, brought her doctor onto the set of the series in Brooklyn to assess the situation.This has been such a cool role for me to play because honestly, if I weren't an actress, I'd be fully sleeved with tattoos anyway." that she doesn't actually mind the tattoo application process that much. " and has actually gotten four members of the show's makeup staff and a hairstylist fired."There is a fella who has to paint my chest and that's always awkward. "She's a perfectionist who complains constantly, and is such a nightmare that the producers will do almost anything to stop the torture," the insider said."But once I relaxed, it was extraordinary, especially when I caught sight of myself in the mirror.

Alexander gained popularity as he was declared the winner of the first season of Flavor of Love, where she gained the nickname “Hoopz”.

There's a part of my backside, below my belt so that has to be painted so that's fun," she joked. However, a spokeswoman for Warner Bros., which produces the series, said, "Three people were let go from the production recently.

This has nothing to do with any show talent and is a production/studio decision." Alexander's own rep shot down the tale as well, saying, "I've never heard of a cast member being able to decide who is on the set.

when the romance was new, "We've been friends forever and had a lot of mutual friends and we reconnected in the middle of the year.

It was one of those things where I'd been single for a very long time and he was going through a lot.

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Depending on how sources defined "a few months," there may have been some overlap between Facinelli's marriage and his relationship with Alexander.