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Who is o j simpson dating

She was lying in the fetal position in a pool of blood.

An autopsy determined that Brown had been stabbed seven times in the neck and scalp, and had a 5.5-inch-long (140 mm) gash across her throat, which had severed both her left and right carotid arteries and breached her right and left jugular veins.

She claimed their break-up was due to his inability to remain faithful, but asserted he was never physically abusive.

In an interview on Larry King Live that same year, she said, "Rather than replace O. for my father, I replaced him for God." She also stated: "I'm choosing not to look further into making a decision one way or another" about Simpson's guilt or innocence.

In 1995, she appeared in The Misery Brothers, in The Watcher episode "The Human Condition", and in The Dangerous. Barbieri last saw Simpson the night before the murders, when they attended a fundraiser together.

On the morning of the murders, Barbieri left Simpson a 30-minute-long message on his answering machine, breaking off their relationship.

Simpson denied ever receiving the message, and his attorney Johnnie Cochran portrayed Simpson and Barbieri as a happy couple. Barbieri continued to visit Simpson while he was in jail, which led to a fallout with her father, Vincent Barbieri.

Vincent described his daughter as "brainwashed", and remarked that: "As far as I'm concerned, Simpson is guilty." In September 1997, Barbieri released the book, The Other Woman: My Years With O. Simpson, in which she wrote about becoming a born-again Christian.

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