Who is rachel maddow dating

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Who is rachel maddow dating

After hosting and co-hosting several shows, her own show, ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ was aired.

The popularity of this show led to a television show of the same name that was broadcast on MSNBC.

This is important to note because Maddow is openly gay and married to her wife, Susan Mikula.Even as a child she was very curious, confident and active.The budding journalist began reading newspapers cover-to-cover as a seven year old and even analyzed what she read by asking questions.She began dating her partner, photographer Susan Mikula, in 1999.She served as a substitute host for Countdown with Keith Olbermann in 2008, and her success in that role ultimately led to the creation of her own show.

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What it appears to boil down to – at least in this humble author’s personal opinion – is that the CNN debacle badly harmed the perpetual conspiracy machine and the anonymous sources that provide the fuel for its engine.

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