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Who is shane dawson dating

His mother, brother and six other workers who had featured in his video were not as lucky either and were too fired when the company saw the video.

September the same year, he uploaded a video called ‘’ which became an instant hit, thus setting in motion his You Tube career.

In a video, Shane told us that he had been with the same girl for almost a year, but they broke up. Later Shane made it clear that he is dating Lisa (Lisbug).

Before most people though he was dating Brittani Louise Taylor; but she is dating Joey Anderton.

He has, however, long since apologized through Twitter and turned down the allegations saying that they were false.

His success on the platform saw him make some of the most successful collaborations with other well-known You Tube stars, further propelling his name on the web.

Dawson has collaborated with You Tubers such as Trisha Paytas, Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, The Fine Bros, and Miranda Sings, among others. But unknown to many, Dawson has had his equal share of problems embedded in his now successful life story.

As a teenager, Shane was overweight and was on several occasions mentally and physically abused by his drunkard father –who eventually abandoned his family altogether.

Lucky for him, his siblings: two older brothers namely Jerid Yaw and Jacob Yaw were very supportive of him, thanks to the close bond they shared.

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Among his most successful works include ‘’.’Although he has tried his luck in other media works as well (such as movie and music production), You Tube remains his most significant area of success.

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