Who is shane powers dating sex dating in easton missouri

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While the forklift incident wasn’t as dramatic as it could’ve been, the drive-by car crash certainly escalated the situation.With Samoa Joe being ruled out as a suspect, I’d like to take some time to speculate on who the attacker is.He hasn’t done much, and with new talent coming in?

He was born in Oklahoma to parents Dinah and Mike and grew up with an older sister.

It would make total sense for Ciampa to target Reigns first.

Samoa Joe and Shane Mc Mahon would be the two most obvious choices based on recent history.

We could reel off the entire list of babyfaces, but it’s still very possible it could be any of ’em.

The reveal would turn them, and make it an even bigger, more memorable moment. I also want to rule out anyone from 205 Live or NXT UK ..

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