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She chats unselfconsciously, punctuating her conversation with an uninhibited laugh rather than the standard-issue diva's icy formality.

And, with the release of her third album, Because I Love It, she has moved beyond the influence of early mentors - such as 'Crazy in Love' creator Rich Harrison, who crafted her earlier hits, including 'Why Don't We Fall in Love' and '1 Thing' - to write and produce much of her own material.

'But all the music was being played around our house,' she stresses.

'My mother was a pianist and my parents loved all kinds of music, so we'd have the Grease soundtrack, Barbra Streisand, Madonna, the Beastie Boys, heavy metal.

I had the opportunity to meet Amerie for the first time and she’s amazing.I thought it might be too left-field, too much to digest.But this time I think we're all ready for it.'Hang on, though; Amerie, now 29, was born in January 1978, which means that she was a mere stripling through most of the decade she claims to revere.Mr Lloyd Daniels is rumored to be dating Miss Belle Chapman after meeting her at X Factor Bootcamp.Rumors were she declined that she was secretly dating him, but for girl fans of his will have there hearts broken once again as the rumor of Lloyd & Belle secretly dating, are infact true.

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I think it all went in subliminally.' And, she adds, it's taken a while for all these influences to percolate into her own music.