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Who is tumi voster dating

I want to use this platform to help women break free from stereotypes, to redefine who they are as modern women by providing them with safe spaces and engagement platforms to help them be empowered and confident young woman able to face challenges head on"So now that the dust has settled and the event received well all around, we hear from the brains behind this women-oriented project.

In an enlightening conversation with Tumi Voster, this is what W24 learnt from the 29-year-old about success, women for women projects, and creating safe spaces: Success is subjective - we all define it according to our personal journeys and goals.

Without hesitation, she said "I'd like to see more authenticity." "More mask-off [moments] and vulnerability," she adds, saying that we need less glorified versions of success and just an overall sense of more rawness - "come as you are," she concludes.

Taking the ethos of the event to heart, all future events of the GRL PWR Series will be produced by the newly formed GRL PWR Production Agency.

READ MORE: This 21-year-old woman has already written a book, run for office, and is on a mission to end period poverty One might ask how anyone in their twenties can possess this kind of wisdom, and the answer is that the kind of 20-something who surrounds herself with like-minded people, while also not compromising their individuality.

Here’s what they had to say: The new W24 video series, A Seat At the Table, is a ten-part series that invites three different women from three different generations to share their opinions about various topics.

It was more relaxed and personal and I fell in love with that.

I look up to people like DJ Fresh, Chilli M, Mo’Flava, Unathi Msengana and Glen Lewis…People who have managed to remain relevant throughout all these years, their work speaks for itself.”Co-hosting the weekday show – 5FM Nights, with Linda Mbuso on 5FM has given her a role to play and create one of the best night time radio show’s in the country, following her success with DJ Warras previously on The 5th Element.

Tumi Voster is a South African TV and radio personality on 5FM. She kickstarted her TV career in 2005, where she was a winner of a nationwide presenter search competition on In 2011, Tumi furthered her studies in Marketing and graduated with a Marketing Communications degree at the University of Johannesburg.“My dream since I was young has always been to find something I’m passionate about and be the best that I can be in whatever that is.

Luckily for me my passion fell in the entertainment industry and I have never looked back ever since”.

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Besides everything else, Tumi Voster is a big lover of fashion and describes her style as “fab with a touch of street”.

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