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Who ois tony romo dating

According to People’s source, Tony Romo, former Dallas Cowboys midfielder, had a history of dating many beautiful and attractive women.

Candice Crawford entered the sports world as a reporter about the Cowboys. She went to school, practiced, and she also participated in some volunteer work for Midwest Sports Fans, a sports blog.

On the night before Simpson’s 29th birthday, she abandoned our boy.

However, Romo later found love with the queen of the beauty contest Candice Crawford. Although Crawford’s husband retired in the 2017 tournament after 14 seasons, she still has a lot of work to do.

After that, the couple went out to dinner together!

If you want to know about the interesting details in the relationship between Candice Crawford and Tony Romo, ask her brother, actor Chace Crawford.

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Candice’s parents feel confused and she didn’t tell them about her relationship with a famous athlete. Their wonderful wedding took place before 600 guests.

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