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The battle of the egos first came to light in 2006 when the pair were promoting their roles in Navy boxing drama Franco is known for his method acting, and in the lead up to the movie’s finale boxing scene between the two actors, James wouldn’t get out of character.Swinging constant punches in rehearsal, Gibson said that Franco refused to lighten up. For five films, Pattinson brought the brooding smizing of that twinkly vamp to our screens in an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's popular series.It certainly worked: Dave manage to make a name for himself as an actor.

Well, it turns out that Dave must’ve been eating a few burgers while on set because his finger was too fat the ring.His other notable films include Now You See Me, Neighbors, The Lego Movie and Nerve. His parents, Douglas and Besty Lou, met while they were both students at Stanford University. Afterwards, he received a small role on the CW show 7th Heaven.Dave famously played Tommy’s BFF Greg Sestero alongside James’ unnervingly accurate turn as Wiseau.As to why it took them 32 years to work together, Dave said he wanted to carve his own path without just being known as the little brother of James Franco.

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Speaking to Elle during the run up to Season 7, she said she was done trying to date those she meets in the workplace.

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  1. “ He wanted empathy for his very common masculine fear, but what I gave him was an impassioned talk — on why getting beautiful women is not a fast-pass into manhood or the key to his personal power.