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However, Lisa's father, Jeff Horton, forces Terry to tell Jack and Vera what he has done, not wanting to be arrested for kidnap.Terry tells his parents, who are horrified and Jack does not believe that Terry did it to help his parents.Tommy then thinks that Tina only wants to be friends and Tina sees him flirting with a female customer at the garage.As Tina goes to discuss their feelings with Tommy and possibly start to date each other, Tommy kisses the woman and Tina sees them kiss. On 5 April 2012, Tommy learns that Jeff has died and initially refuses to go to the funeral but after Tyrone persuades him to admit that he feels ashamed because he did not really talk to his grandfather.Lisa is then run over and killed by a car outside The Rovers Return on 12 February 1993.Terry's parents, Jack Duckworth (Bill Tarmey) and Vera Duckworth (Liz Dawn) take in their grandson.However, their financial burden is lifted and Vera is able to return to work.After Jack and Vera re-establish contact with the Hortons.

That night, Tommy realises that he is in love with Tina and vice versa.

Upset that Terry had sold his son again, Vera tore up all her photos of him and excluded him from her will while Jack completely disowned his son's existence.

Tommy returns to the street on 28 March 2011, having been travelling after disagreements with the Hortons and is unaware of Jack's recent death.

Jack disowns Terry and punches him before he and Jeff leave with Tommy, leaving the Duckworths (especially Vera) heartbroken.

The Hortons immediately go on an extended holiday and the Duckworths struggle to accept that Tommy would not be coming back.

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Tommy meets Amber Kalirai in July 2011 and begins to flirt with her but after catching him making his move on Tina, she dumps him, while he denies that they were even together. Matt Carter began dating Tina in August 2011, a jealous Tommy began trying to split them up to no avail.

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