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3-4 10 Mar 09 Asian Hooker Business, Skatefall, Earthquake, Bonersong 24.

3-5 17 Mar 09 Tit Slap, John Hancock, Bad Dominatrix, Bobo the Monkey 25.

5-1 15 Apr 11 Baked Beans, War Letter, Finger Ring Friends 41. 5-4 06 May 11 Firetruck Pullover, Spanking Dads, Careful Commandos, Teachers' Union, Didgeradoo 44. 5-6 20 May 11 Dad Will Take Care of It, Bad Drivers, Hot Sister, Making Animals Kiss 46.

5-2 22 Apr 11 Slo-mo Squirrel, Wedding Flip-Flop, Ocean 2.0, First Date 42. 5-7 27 May 11 Going Home Alone, Liquor Store Robbery, Pledge of Allegiance, Escape Artist 47.

4-5 09 Jul 10 Jumbo Tron, Kid Mechanic, Bananas 35. 4-7 23 Jul 10 Cash Quiz, Great Grandmas, History Reset 37.

4-8 30 Jul 10 Valentine's Day, Simple Chore, Pun Army, Chad's Rad 38.

4-9 06 Aug 10 Babe Magnet, Freaky Thursday, One of You is, Hell's Kitchen 39.

3-3 24 Feb 09 Presidential Props, Island Cannibal, Helicopter Door, Super Dog 23.

But anyways I digress, you will be able to find one of these sketch funny, I've only seen the first two shows but I can't wait for more.

Original Episode # Prod # Air Date Titles _____ ______ ___________ ___________ ___________________________________________ Season 1 1.

Its like Kids in the Hall, but on drugs, and from the little research I've done I think one of the writers from Kids in the Hall is also one of the writers for this show. Now I'm guessing this show is probably for the younger crowd (18-30) due to the language, though I spent my lunch break showing all my co-workers, who were mostly 40-60 age range, sketches from You Tube and all of them died laughing especially from the deer sketch.

Now my personal favorite was the Abe Lincoln one, which portrayed Lincoln in a different manner than we learned in school.

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1-9 15 May 07 Glory Hole, Attention Guy, Tattoo Parlor 10.