Word application screenupdating not working dating paraplegic

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You can take up a step by step guide on how to enable auto save and recover in word by clicking here.

There exist several reasons which can crash Microsoft word abruptly and throw that “not responding status”.

Regards from Belarus (GMT 3), Andrei Smolin Add-in Express Team Leader Thanks for the explanation Andrei.

I am trying to see how I can force a newly created workbook/window in Excel 2013 to display before changes are made to it.

Tips” box_color=”#04d97e” title_color=”#000000″ class=””]It is suggested to enable the “Auto save” feature in Microsoft office programs so that you can protect the work and avoid the data losses during By enabling this option you can set your currently working document to be saved automatically at x time interval.

For example if you specify the time interval as 5 minutes, new data in your word file will be saved every 5 minutes once.

Thanks and Best Regards, Taylour private IRibbon UI _ribbon; private void Addin Module_On Ribbon Loaded(object sender, IRibbon UI ribbon) private const int WM_USER = 0x0400; private const int MYMESSAGE = WM_USER 1000; private void Addin Module_On Send Message(object sender, Addin Express. ADXSend Message Event Args e) private void adx Ribbon Button1_On Click(object sender, IRibbon Control control, bool pressed) private void adx Ribbon Button2_On Click(object sender, IRibbon Control control, bool pressed) private void Create Workbook() private void Populate Workbook() public static void Execute In(int milliseconds, Action action) Hello Taylour, In Windows, windows are built on window messages. However since adding Do Events() is generally bad practice I will go with the timer approach in this instance.

There are messages from the timer, mouse, keyboard, etc.

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When I do the following in this order in the code: 1) set Screen Updating set to false 2) I add a new workbook, activate a ribbon tab 3) I do a bunch of operations to that workbook that may take 10-20 seconds 4) set Screen Updating back to true.

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