World magazine christian dating

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World magazine christian dating

They would rather read inspiring stories, Christian world perspectives, helpful, biblical advice for shopping, parenting, cooking, and just about anything related to living their lives as Christians.

Many Christians are tired of reading fashion magazines and Hollywood journals that have nothing to do with their reality in today's world.

Find practical advice on every aspect of Christian life from entertainment to shopping, parenting, and marriage resources, help with college and seminary selection, community guides, and sermon aids.

With Christianity Today, you will never run out of reading material.

Well, as much as I would love to take on that endeavor, right now, I don’t have the bandwidth for that.

But my honest hope for this entire site, ministry, and Facebook Page is that it could also serve as a way for like-minded people (aka christian singles) to connect “online”.

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If you’re on the East Coast and you want to connect with other Christian singles in an environment of learning and growing, check out this TLD single’s seminar on May 5th in Lancaster, PA and get yourself a ticket!

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