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Wpf binding not updating ui

I've made a program which stores any number of objects of my type Project.Each Project then contains any number of Files, which is another object I created for this program.I have delved into the value of the returned collection at this point, and the value within the list is the updated value, however nothing is getting reflected on the GUI, so I am puzzled as it seems the GUI is calling the get method to update it on the On Property Changed() call, but it is not reflecting visually.UPDATE - CODE INCLUDED Sorry for not including code, I thought it would be easier to just describe but here are the main View Model properties You're not modifying the Observable Collection itself (such as adding/removing items) but the items INSIDE that collection.The answer I came up with was to wrap the business object in a wrapper class which exposes it as a property.That wrapper class also implements INotify Property Changed and raises its Property Changed event when the wrapped business object’s Property Changed is raised.The problem is though that when I update an item within the collection, it is not reflecting on the GUI, despite all the right events being called.I have stepped in and the set method of the Selected Customer is being called, and I then follow the On Property Changed("Customer Summary Details") call which goes into the "get" method of the Customer Summary Details property as expected.

This was so I didnt have to bind to Selected Customer. The Selected Customer property has a get and a set method, and the set calls On Property Changed for the OTHER property, Customer Summary Details, letting the XAML know that the underlying collection has changed and to update.

Binding the Command Parameter property to the entity makes it easy to access it when the command is executed.

For more details on his situation, read the post here.

The Observable Collection is responsible for notifying its own changes, not changes pertaining to its items.

You Should Notify Property Change("Sub Cust Value") in the setter of your Sub Cust Value.

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You then create a value converter which takes in a business object and emits a wrapper around it.

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