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The ancient parish of Ruabon was made up of the townships of Ruabon (which also included the hamlets of Belan, Bodylltyn, Hafod and Rhuddallt), Cristionydd Cynrig (also known as Y Dref Fawr or Cristionydd Kenrick in English), Coed Cristionydd, Cristionydd Fechan (also known as Y Dref Fechan or Dynhinlle Uchaf), Dinhinlle Isaf; Morton Anglicorum (the “English Morton” or Morton Below the Dyke) and Morton Wallichorum (the “Welsh Morton” or Morton Above the Dyke).

In 1844, Coed Cristionydd and part of Cristionydd Cynrig became part of the new parish of Rhosymedre, and Cristionydd Fechan and Moreton Above became part of the new parish of Rhosllannerchrugog.

) is a village and community in the county borough of Wrexham in Wales.

The name "Rhiwabon" comes from "Rhiw Fabon", "Rhiw" being the Welsh word for "slope" or "hillside" and "Fabon" being a mutation from St Mabon, the original church name, of earlier, Celtic origin.

A woman passed me going towards Rhiwabon; I pointed to the ridge and asked its name; I spoke English.

The woman shook her head and replied "Dim Saesneg" (English: "No English").

An older English spelling, Rhuabon, can sometimes be seen.

Overlooking Ruabon, the Gardden (Welsh: Caer Ddin) is an ancient hillfort surrounded by circular ditches, dating back to the Iron Age.

From 1974 until 1996, it was administered as part of Clwyd.

From 1996, it has been administered as part of the County Borough of Wrexham.

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