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What sets this young lady, Vicky, apart from other expats in this city, however, is the person sitting next to her - a tall, handsome man in a crisp white shirt, speaking with a deep, confident voice. Chinese men dating or married to foreign women are still a rather rare form of interracial love.

To arrive at a stylistic chronology in the rendering of facial features of people in porcelain decorations, the author has collected and categorized more than 3900 faces of men, women and children in Chinese porcelain decorations, dating from the 15th century until present day.

It is estimated that approximately 4 percent of all annual marriages in China were intercultural, according to the country's statistical yearbook.

This number has more than doubled between the 1990s and 2016.

The brunette with sparkling blue eyes beneath long eyelashes could pass for any American exchange student.

Dressed in a simple khaki shirt, blue jeans and a spiky bronze necklace, she is stuck in the Shanghai traffic, running late for her video shoot with the Global Times Metro Shanghai.

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We are not talking about a few samples, not even a few hundreds of samples.

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