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Now I have to determine wether this is or isn’t a good place to approach you. It is also totally natural to feel anxious when you leave your comfort zone. A few of the “rules” you shared are important though.

Now I have to decide what app, if there is one, is the best app. Sometimes you gotta push a little bit, sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's stressful, sometimes you'll feel more motivated than other times. Everyone is different and dating rules are entirely subjective and contextual.

Get out immediately if you want a life partner and don’t want to waste time.

If you say “You will make me the happiest girl on the planet if you would plan a date for us in advance” and he refuses to deliver, then he doesn’t care about you, and he certainly doesn’t love you.

If he schedules a vacation for several months down the line, asks you go to a wedding way in advance, or begins discussing what it may look like to live together, it means he expects to be with you by the time these plans come to fruition.

Men hate to be nagged, but men love to be given a road map to your happiness.

Tell him something will make you happy, and see if he does it.

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First post ever."Dont mistake friendliness for interest" "Don't approach anybody at xyz" "Don't use dating apps vs I found my wife via Tinder” “Join xyz club for the sole interest of finding your person” “Be happy with being alone”Literally the basis to a relationship is a friendship. my confidence has increased to the point where I am now noticing attention from others and have even been approached. A little bit of stress brought on by anxiety is a good thing. Acceptable doses of exposure are one of the most important things for anxiety. If you don’t want to play stupid mental games, don’t play them.

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