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Yamada ryosuke dating rumors

I just can't stop laughing when I read this thread I'm also yamada's fans..

and maybe I can understand the other fans feeling if it's really happen..

an93lazz wrote: is it really okay to married when you're 15 in japan??

This was shown as he obtained popularity and a good career.Following his marriage, he is shown to be happy with her and their children even being happy about his old school life In his Junior High School, he complains that he is in the same class with Ushio again. Later that year, he complains that Ushio is better at grades, height and popularity.One day students from another school taunt them, he fights them alongside Ushio.but just look @ the reallity and just stop to pairing HSJ with H! yesterday I also read someone's blog about inoo dating someone from H! He is often seen with a small, silver hooped earring in his left ear.

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With his change in attitude, he slowly became the object of affection from several girls however, he was too dense in not realizing that Nene Odagiri or various other girls have had crushes on him until he learned from them or another source.

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