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Year in, year out, the big screen is never short of a new romcom or two.But away from the obvious romantic titles, the movies are full of other standout dating moments that make us laugh and cry for a multitude of reasons.So, without further ado, here’s a list of our favourite on-screen dates – some are meet cutes, some are breakups, some involve being in love with a phone – for your viewing pleasure. The ‘her’ in question is Theodore’s OS system, ‘Samantha’ (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).This scene may be about Theo’s ex-wife for the most part, but the pair’s openness (again, this whole film could be viewed as one long affair) is what makes this so intimate. It’s a tie between Samantha writing Theodore a song, and the way he lets Samantha’s camera peep out of his pocket so she can appreciate the view. "I've always wanted to date the most popular girl, drive the nicest car and go to the fanciest school," he says in a voiceover."But I can't afford any of that." One day while working at a fast-food restaurant, Brooks overhears a customer complain that his uncle is paying him to escort his cousin to a dance.Admittedly, the 24-year-old hunk is prone to first-date jitters when out with a new girl so he prefers to step out of the box and engage in something "crazy"-- preferably in the great outdoors."I like to go and do something adventurous," reveals Zac of his "perfect" first date on Related: Zac Efron & Taylor Swift Share Fond Dr.Seuss Memories"[Normal] Dating is kind of hard …Like dinner or something like that," he says.

Especially for me for some reason."Watch the clip for more!Brooks quickly offers to help in exchange for the money and the chance to drive the customer's nice car. Whether I'm a listener or a talker," he explains about the app.Brooks then picks Celia (Marano) up for the dance and remains determined to make the most out of the night. Following the success of the dance, Brooks capitalizes on the idea and creates an app called The Stand-In to help him afford the tuition for Yale. Later in the trailer, Brooks reveals to Celia that the weirdest date he had been on included listening to a girl talk for four hours straight.Laura Marano, Matt Walsh and Camila Mendes round out the cast.The trailer opens with Brooks explaining his aspirations as a high-school student.

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