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Zac efron and emma roberts dating

Adding to that, Zendaya always maintained that the two are just friends and that she had a lot of fun on that press tour.Holland, on the other hand, has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. Though they get along great both on and off screen, it looks like the two are just friends. Zac Efron manages to show range acting in everything from musicals to comedies to thrillers, like his upcoming turn as serial killer Ted Bundy in got along well with one another. Zendaya did a good job playing a grumpy teenager in and has also had a hand in musicals and comedies in the past.

According to reports, Zendya had a chemistry test with Zac Efron for director Michael Gracey before the film and apparently, the test went incredibly well!Nowadays these two aren’t "breaking free," but really are breaking apart as they’ve been separated now for almost eight years.But let’s try to remember the good times when they were the young Hollywood couple that everyone couldn’t get enough of. Britney Spears was on the brink of her meltdown; the Nintendo Wii just dropped, leading the revolution for motion controls; oh, and a small little indie flick just dropped called was massive in terms of popularity and the film was responsible for two important things: Delivering a culture shock in which everyone took a side of loving the film or hating it.But Efron had the charm and looks of a clichéd boy band, and just like most boy bands, his time in the limelight seemed to be fizzling out.

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Now there’s not much to say about these two that you probably don't already know but let’s take a trip down memory lane anyway.

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